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Project Description

Labour Mobility Feasibility in Ontario’s Meat Processing Sector


Client: Meat & Poultry Ontario

Category: Workforce Development

Newcomers to Canada face challenges in finding quality employment. 

Meat processing plants in remote and rural parts of Ontario are facing numerous obstacles in addressing labour shortages.

Purpose Co designed a study for Meat & Poultry Ontario to learn about ongoing practices, trends, and challenges that communities face in attracting and integrating immigrants and newcomers, with a particular focus on the meat processing sector.

Attracting labour to the meat processing sector can be challenging. To address this, Purpose Co consulted public and private stakeholders. We interviewed potential job seekers, undertook a literature review, and conducted a labour market analysis to understand the regional labour market. In our research, we identified factors facilitating and hindering geographic mobility, and examples of initiatives undertaken to attract and support newcomers to different communities. 

The final recommendations highlighted critical areas to advancing labour mobility/relocation using a systems-level approach. Our solution involved partnerships and regional planning to support the infrastructure, services and destination jobs to attract and retain newcomers.


We found that the key inputs to be addressed through the labour mobility and attraction strategy were accessible housing, education and childcare services, targeted immigrant recruitment, accessible transportation, welcoming and culturally relevant services, and quality jobs and opportunities for professional skills development and advancement.

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