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Toronto Region Board of Trade - Economic Blueprint Institute

Peel Halton Workforce Development Group

Future Skills Centre

Greater Toronto Airport Authority Workforce
Strategy & Playbook

Toronto Region Board of Trade - Economic Blueprint Institute

Toronto Pearson is a multi-union and multi-employer environment employing nearly 50,000 workers with diverse backgrounds and skill sets, more than 400 employers spanning various industries, and a regulatory environment governed by all three levels of government that impact its workforce. Purpose Co undertook the strategy and action plan development to support Toronto Pearson in addressing its unique challenges in attracting and retaining talent following the impact of the pandemic on the travel and tourism sector. 

Purpose Co's approach was designed to understand changes to business operations, skills need, overall workforce pain points, opportunities, and drivers of change and recovery for workers and employers at the airport. The Strategy and Playbook built on the research findings and Toronto Pearson’s existing initiatives and aimed to augment Toronto Pearson's strengths, address key challenges, and leverage important opportunities to aid the transition towards recovery.

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