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Alina Gutiérrez

Alina is a creative process consultant and training & curriculum designer. Her collaborations vary from designing creative interventions to being part of the collaborative process to develop community initiatives and digital products. Alina brings a diverse background that includes process design, group facilitation, visual thinking, creative processes design, and her expertise in human centered design.

Alina is dedicated to improving communication and translating complex ideas into visuals to create shared meaning and a call for action. Some of her past clients include UNICEF, with whom she designed and facilitated a session on Design Thinking and Ideation, with international members from different divisions and partners. She has also performed graphic facilitation for the World Circular Economy Forum with the Canadian Government and has collaborated with One Drop in projects all around the world.


Alina was part of the Strategic Direction’s initiative at Concordia University and has been involved with the university’s Center for Teaching and Learning for over 7 years. Alina has been using graphic facilitation and creative methods for almost 10 years to increase participation in different initiatives and to help individuals and teams perform better and exceed at their goals. She is pursuing her Doctoral studies at Concordia University and her research explores “The effects of visual tools on facilitation to create behavior change in communities and organizations.” Alina holds a Masters program in Human Systems Intervention, a graduate diploma in business administration at McGill University, and a degree in Fine Arts at Concordia University.

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