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Our Services

Strategy, Feasibility + Action Planning 

If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there. 


Clear, measurable goals and a feasible plan are key to achieving the outcome you desire. 

We help you to define and scope your goal, identify strategic opportunities, assets, capacity and resource needs. We then collaborate with you to develop an achievable action plan based on evidence, and our collective expertise and experience.

We will conduct research and feasibility planning to inform action planning where appropriate. 


It is important to us that a strategy is actionable and will make a difference on the ground to you and the people you serve. 


We specialize in designing custom workforce solutions and programs to address the needs of job seekers, workers and employers. Through practical design and by working closely with key stakeholders, our strategies enable sustainable employment, career pathways and competitive businesses.


This can include research, needs assessment and stakeholder engagement when needed. 


Our process always involves co-design with partners, and usually your stakeholders. 


We aspire that the interventions we support have a lasting impact, enable permanent change and benefit people and business. 

Training + Capacity Building



We provide courses offered individually and in groups to workforce practitioners, employers, intermediaries, unions, job seekers and workers. Our programs are all designed using an applied methodology that aims to help learners actively apply the knowledge that they seek to learn in the course. 


We also specialize in designing processes that cultivate and build local knowledge and solutions, including stakeholder driven Communities of Practice. 

Learn more about our training courses.

Implementation Support

We provide implementation technical support, including advisory services and coaching to bring external operational expertise and experience to support the success of your initiative  on the ground.

We believe that details matter and some of the most important learning comes only from doing. It's for this reason that implementation matters as much as design. 

Evaluation + Continuous Improvement

Our approach to evaluation seeks to understand the effective components of the ‘how’ -- the design of the intervention and how it is implemented, as well as the ‘so what’ -- what is the impact? How are people’s lives changed as a result?


Evaluation is most powerful when it helps us understand the ‘how’ in relationship to the outcome, or the ‘so what’ to create a recipe for ‘what works’. Understanding what works and specific enabling conditions are the ingredients to replicate and scale success.


We believe that evaluation and continuous improvement are part of the DNA of the strongest interventions and solutions. Excellence requires intentionality, iterative design and on-going learning. 

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