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Elizabeth Hunt

Elizabeth Hunt is determined to create a world where meetings don’t suck, classes aren’t boring, and workshops don’t leave us feeling inadequate! She believes that moments to think about ideas, share learnings, reflect on consequences, and make decisions together are both necessary and valuable – and should be treated as such.

For the past two decades, Elizabeth has been developing and co-creating spaces for citizen participation, community learning, and strategic conversation. She is dedicated to upheaving traditional notions of “expertise” and designing processes where participants’ experience, knowledge, and ways of knowing are put front and centre. Organized and intuitive, Elizabeth’s strengths lie in creating participatory strategies that harness the collective intelligence of groups and foster collaboration. She thrives on developing or adapting methodologies that enhance participation and learning.

Elizabeth spent 13 years as a program coordinator of Concordia University's Institute in Management and Community Development, where she stewarded both the Summer Program in Community Development and the University of the Streets Café. She honed her design and facilitation skills in her five years with Percolab, an international co-design firm. She is a lecturer in Concordia University’s Department of Applied Human Sciences, where she has taught about group facilitation, leadership, interpersonal communication, power and conflict.

Fluent in English and French, Elizabeth specializes in hosting bilingual dialogues with lightness and humour.

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