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Online, Together: How to design and deliver applied online programming that fosters learning, motiva

Updated: May 10, 2021

Topic: Online Facilitation/ Training, COVID specific Description: Online, Together is designed for workforce practitioners who are interested in learning how to facilitate online programs that support client motivation, confidence, learning and advancement towards their goals with a focus on applied learning. As an outcome of this course all participants will design their own online applied learning module (or program) and receive feedback from peers. This course was designed to support the transition to online delivery in light of the pandemic, however, is based on adult learning and workforce best practices that can be used in the classroom. Learning Objectives: In the course, participants will be able to:

Use a variety of online facilitation techniques

Design online programming that maximizes learner engagement, accountability, motivation and retention

Plan and deliver programming with a trauma-informed lens

Create clear, relevant and powerful learning objectives, and then use them to shape program design

Use specific and appropriate online learning methods to target stated learning objectives

Delivery Method: This course is delivered virtually.

Option 1: 6 weeks: 2.5 hours of delivery per week + 2 hours of independent work

Option 2: 4 Weeks: 3 hours per week + 4 hours of independent work

Participants will receive:

A electronic workbook

The facilitation and delivery of an online learning community

Participant pre- and post-learning assessments and anonymous survey

A electronic certificate of completion

Test for a download file in Resources
Download PD • 78KB

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